#Friend, keep your sense of #humor. It will help you outlast your #trials. I read a story once about a guy parachuting when the wind blew him onto a track where they were racing cars…not a good place to land in a parachute. He was trying to get his parachute off when another gust of wind came and started dragging him face first down the track. He finally got the parachute off and stood up only to see a car racing towards him. He quickly jumped out of the way and said to himself, “Man, I’m glad that’s over!” and turned to get off the track. As he did, he stepped in a hole and twisted his ankle. That was just too much! Even in his pain, he just started laughing! Keep your sense of humor. Even if you are going through the roughest patch you have ever been through. Do not let your trials rob you of your #joy.”

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180721 TRIPLE H Mini fan meeting ♥️

New episode of Bart TV is online now! Check it out at IGTV or There is one word/emotion that many people would regard as a positive one. However, over the years I came to the conclusion that this word/emotion is actually lopsided and very conditional on you doing something. I rather live my life unconditionally, don’t you? Watch this week’s episode to find out what the is word is! Removing this word from your vocabulary will move your towards a more balanced, peaceful and joyful life! . . . . . #motivation #inspiration #goals #content #business #instagram #change #success #motivationmonday #successful #inspirationalquotes #beyourownboss #quoteoftheday #entrepreneur #marketing #love #wisdom #fun #travel #kindness #joy #knowledge #happiness #positivevibrations #poz

Amen 🙏 We often feel depressed because it seems no one hears us, the situation seems hopeless, and it seems no one cares. . Good news: someone does care! He is Jesus and I’m praying for you today that He will send someone your way to make His Love tangible. . Hold your head up, you will smile again. . Psalm 40.1 & 2 . 1 I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. . 2 He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along. . . .follow @trustedblog1 for more trending news and daily giveaways opportunities updates . . . . #HearMyCry #ReasonToSmileAgain #trustedblog1 #prayer #pray #Depression #Sadness #Dejection #Discouragement #desolation #gloom #worry and #Fear will turn to #Joy #encouragement #strength and #peace in #Jesus' name. #LoveTangible

Another fun beach day in the books. It was a beautiful overcast day making it possible for me to stay on the beach longer. I love sitting and talking with Thomas. He even went and got me Thai food for lunch and we ate it on the beach. Yummy. I hung out with these two wile the rest of the group went wave jumping. I love how good Coby is to Ashlyn. He even turned her into a mermaid. Hayden rushed in to tell me there was a group of sting rays swimming with them. Hayden loved wave jumping with Uncle JD and Jake in the waves. And I loved holding McKenna on the beach. She’s a doll. Although Ashlyn made sure that Thomas was there strictly for her not the baby. She loves Uncle Thomas. We rounded out the evening with Dummy Rummy, Five Crowns, and Skull King. Then lots of talking with my siblings. So fun. But I’m exhausted. Praying for sleep as I haven’t received much lately and I desperately need it. Going on being awake (other than 15-20 mins here or there) for almost 64 hours. My body won’t relax and calm down. So I’m praying tonight is the night. Regardless, I’m so grateful for these precious moments. I’m loving being with my family.