Um... shout out to "Pussypoppinlex" smh our chalk board is hilarious @jordinsparadise #chalkboardconfessions

Hahahahaha this is what the clients have to say 😂😂😂🤪 #chalkboardconfessions #shannonconnorsfitness #unbreakable #ikickedhisasstho 😜😜

@kurtmanner Hugo’s love notes circa 12/23/15. Just so you know, you are still all of these things and more. Thank you💜 #stillrelevant #cheese #mybestfriend @hugosinhamp #alittletipsy

Okay so basically we’re doing an art contest. If you want to. There will be 4-5 winners. The art can come from ANYTHING. Covers, paintings, drawings, body art, etc. use the hashtag #NRMLContest. (So I can find them all) There will be 2 weeks to finish and submit. Because you have school or other stuff to do. Winner wins merch and it will be shipped anywhere in your size, duh, and color picking. Not just the USA either, it’s for everyone!!. I have to be locked in at my job from 10pm-6am the next four nights so wish me luck. #NRML #Chalkboardconfessions #artcontest