So this was baked and covered within five hours and it's all vanilla goodness. Vanilla cake is still my favorite cake anyday and anytime. What's yours?? Have a wonderful day my lovelies 😍😍. #lagosbaker #cakesinikeja #vanillacake #buttercream #tastycakes #naijabrandchick #smes #God'sconstructingsite



Lavender Lovin' I finally got my hands on a bottle of lavender essence and outside of feeling very fancy for voluntarily eating flowers, cooking with lavender has blown my mind. It has this earthy mint flavour which works spectacularly with vanilla. Just wow. I'm not sure if describing it as a mouthful of garden would incentivise anyone to get on this lavender bandwagon with me. But I mean that in the best way possible. Is fresh and earthy and delish. Also the cake I made this icing for is too large so if anyone's in the area come home and have some garden cake. This offer comes with two cups of tea and two raised pinkies to match. . . . . . #swissmeringue #buttercream #lavender #lavendervanilla #icingonthecake