💖 Show up! 💖 Show up as you are, imperfections and all, and know that you are important! You are the lighthouse for someone else by showing up and shining your unique light. And if you do not show up, if you do not shine, they can’t see the light you were suppose to shine on them💡 . . . #youareenough #radicalselflove #youareamazing #youareawesome #selflovequote #quoteoftheday #selflove #selflovequotes #selfdevelopment #selflovereminder #love #light #shine #happy #happiness #joy #selflovecoach #evolve #awake #awakening #awaken #risesisterrise #lightworker #lightworkers

😍И не важно с какой ноги вы встаёте, важно - с каким настроением вы входите в новый день! Пусть оно будет отличным Доброе утро 💏☀️🌹☕️ _____________________________________ 🕑Режим работы: Пн-пт 10.00-21.00; Сб 10.00-16.00 📍Адрес: Пензенская 20 ☎️ 231-39-15 📲Онлайн запись #verywell63 #goodmorning #morning #day #TagsForLikes #daytime #sunrise #morn #awake #wakeup #wake #wakingup #ready #sleepy #breakfast #tired #sluggish #bed #snooze #instagood #earlybird #sky #photooftheday

ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES Setting them, respecting them, mine and yours. I don’t owe anyone a conversation. Neither do I owe you an explanation. I don’t owe you my time. Neither my attention. It is my right to remain silent when I feel like it. It is my right to not engage in small talk with someone I’ve never met. Yes, this is coming from a woman who talks to strangers for hours. A woman who goes hiking in the middle of the night with someone I’ve just met on the street. A woman who advocates for making connections, deep soul and/or body connections whether it be for a second or eternity. I advocate being authentic and following your intuition. And that means that if I decide to not reply to you in days or never, it is my right and I owe you nothing. Me making a post on social media is not an invitation for a conversation. Just like me walking down a street is not an invitation for a conversation. And if one happens, thats great, but if I keep on walking and not respond to you that is my decision to do so. I don’t have to keep a conversation for the sake of niceness. I am not responsible to fill your belief ‘in humanity’ by answering questions. It is not my responsibility for meeting your desire to interact and learn about others. And I am addressing this mostly, though not only, to men. Not all, but plenty of you, for me to take my time and write all of this. Yes, you, with your multiple ????? when I don’t immediately respond to your question or your 3rd hello after I’ve ignored you a few times. Yes, you, who act as if I owe you something. I OWE YOU NOTHING We all need to learn to be rejected. It is the most authentic gift one can give you. 98% of the time I am sweet and loving, and patient, and there is that time when my dark comes out. Sometimes it’s when my boundaries are pushed, sometimes it’s when the stars have not aligned. I say what you don’t want to hear, I am no longer polite when it’s not authentic. We are all dark and light. One cannot be without the other. But a woman’s darkness is somehow demonized. As if the moment we express it out we are no longer loving, we are supposed to fix it as if something’s wrong. Continued in comments...

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